Zinnia Bunches - SUN
Zinnia Bunches - SUN

Zinnia Bunches - SUN

Wollam Gardens

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The cheeriest flowers of the late-summer garden, Zinnias come in the full crayon-box spectrum of colors! These technicolor bunches are grown and picked at Wollam Gardens. Each bouquet will be a monochromatic color-theme featuring 12-13 stems and a few pieces of greenery. Colors are grower's choice.

Fun fact, zinnias are native to the Southwestern United States and Central America!

Tips for longer-lasting flowers: Cut the stems after receiving your flowers + re-cut them every few days. Change the water daily. This can help them last a week or longer! Local flowers mean that some types of foliage or flowers will wilt before others do - simply toss them when they're expired + rearrange. Some buds will bloom later!

Wollam Gardens is a magical place with fields of flowers in Virginia, about an hour from the Pickle Factory. While we love all flowers and foliage, there's something magical about being surrounded by Wollam Garden's fields of dahlias in the fall. When at market with Wollam Gardens, it's always welcome to have beautiful flowers to contrast the smells of the pickle stand :)