White Bread Flour Wade's Mill
White Bread Flour Wade's Mill

White Bread Flour

Wade's Mill

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This bread flour from Wade’s Mill is stone-ground from Turkey Red Wheat, a hard red winter wheat with a protein content of 12.5 percent. The entire wheat berry is ground and then sifted to remove most of the germ and bran, leaving behind a naturally light flour (technically, endosperm) that does not need to be bleached. 

Contents: 2-pound bag of flour


Producer: Wade’s Mill

Location: Raphine, Virginia

Wade’s Mill, originally called the Kennedy-Wade Mill, is the oldest continuously operating commercial grist mill in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. John and Karen Siegfried purchased Wade’s Mill in 2016, with the commitment to preserve and continue the family-owned and operated stone-ground milling tradition. The Siegfrieds work with small local and regional farmers growing non-GMO grains. John stone-grinds the grains in a cold milling process, meaning the stones never move fast enough to heat up the grain and that all of the natural nutrients in the grain are retained. (Compare this to roller milling, the method of big grain processors, which uses high speeds to crush the grains, stripping them of nutrients which are then added back by “enriching” the grain.) Each bag is measured, filled, and packed by hand, to order. Every product is 100 percent natural, with no additives, preservatives, chemicals or bleaches. 

Nutritional value: This sifted flour retains about 20 percent of the germ and bran and is much more nutritious compared to industrial and roller milled white flours (high heat during processing burns off nutrients). 

Serving suggestion: Reach for this flour when you’d like a lighter flavor than whole-wheat, when you need a strong gluten network to develop, or when making bread with flours like rye, which has less gluten than wheat. 

Although this flour is sifted, stone-milled flour in general contains more oil and is more perishable than refined products. Keep in a cool, dark place at room temperature for about two months, or in an air-tight container in the freezer for longer storage. The product won’t harm you if kept longer, but it is in danger of going rancid.