Tip Your Driver - Get Onion Ginger Garlic!

Tip Your Driver - Get Onion Ginger Garlic!

Number 1 Sons

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Tip Your Driver $5 (or in increments of $5). To increase the tip amount, simply increase the quantity of this item! You must increase the amount on this page, as our quantity adjuster is broken on our cart page :/

All this money will go to our staff.

Number 1 Mom says that you can't cook without ginger, garlic and onions, so...

Are you an OG? We got you! Just select 'ONION GINGER GARLIC' for an extra $3. You will get 1 lb of onions (1-3 depending on the size), a head of garlic, and a knob of ginger. The $3 covers our wholesale cost of the OGG, and our hardworking staff still will receive the remaining $5 tip :)

Don't need any OGG? Use this tip item.