Sweet Corn Spring Valley Farm & Orchard 5 Ears

Sweet Corn

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This fresh corn is petite and sweet. Try peeling back the husk, wiping off the wispy silk strands, and grilling on high heat for just a couple of minutes, so that it gets some char and smoke but retains its moisture and freshness. Mix equal parts butter and salty white miso. Slather over the hot corn.

Contents: 5 ears of corn


Producer: Spring Valley Farm and Orchard

Location: Romney, West Virginia

Spring Valley has been at farmers markets with us since day one of starting our business. We've known Eli and Misty Cook and their dedicated crew for almost a decade now. Located just outside of Romney, West Virginia, they're just over two hours from Washington, D.C. The Cook family is committed to growing, picking and selling high quality, fresh fruits and vegetables. Spring Valley has grown their business at both farmer's markets in the D.C.-area and at their farm stands in Virginia and West Virginia.