Summer Winter Creste di Galli Pasta Foggy Mountain Pasta 10 ounces
Summer Winter Creste di Galli Pasta Foggy Mountain Pasta

Summer Winter Creste di Galli Pasta

Foggy Mountain Pasta

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Foggy Mountain Pasta makes an incredible local product: small-batch pastas, made slowly and with lots of care, using distinct flours and offering unique shapes. You can tell the difference right away when you taste it. The Summer Winter Creste di Galli is the best of both worlds. The summer wheat is buttery with a little sweetness, and delicate, while the winter wheat gives it good bite. Creste di Galli is named after a rooster's crest. It's like a super textured macaroni with a wavy crown. Use it any time you want sauce to really cling — its many nooks and crannies are perfect for that.

Contents: 10 ounces of dried Summer Winter Creste di Galli Pasta


Producer: Foggy Mountain Pasta

Location: Washington, D.C.

Foggy Mountain Pasta is the result of Gabriel's lifelong passion for food. His focus is to make incredible pasta using local, organic, and heirloom ingredients. Almost all of his flours are certified organic or follow certifiable organic/sustainable farming practices. They are pesticide- and germicide-free, GMO-free, heritage-grain, and stone-cold milled. Foggy Mountain Pasta proudly works with Carolina Ground, a woman-owned mill dedicated to improving North Carolina-grown wheat from the ground up, and other small mills in the region. All eggs come from small, local farmers to ensure the chickens have a pasture-based diet, resulting in healthier birds, healthier eggs, and some of the best tasting eggs available. All powders, purees, or flavorings are from organic or clean sources.