Succulent Pot
Succulent Pot
Succulent Pot

Succulent Pot

Wollam Gardens

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Want to add some low maintenance local greenery into your home? Wollam Gardens has grown just the plant solution for you!
A full 6” pot of assorted succulents whom love the summer heat and sun! Each terra cotta pot comes filled with a great variety of 4 to 7 mini succulent plants (sizes vary). Some succulent varieties you may get: jade, hen and chicks, leather petal, and/or echeveria.
Wollam Gardens has done the heavy lifting of potting these cute succulents in a terra cotta pot. The stones vibe well with the succulents, and also provide extra drainage...
What’s the trick to a good succulent pot? DO NOT over water these guys; they only need a tall glass of water once every two weeks!

Wollam Gardens is a magical place with fields of flowers in Virginia, about an hour from the Pickle Factory. While we love all flowers and foliage, there's something magical about being surrounded by Wollam Garden's fields of dahlias in the fall. When at market with Wollam Gardens, it's always welcome to have beautiful flowers to contrast the smells of the pickle stand :)

At this time, we can't honor special requests for colors or flower types. We're asking farmers to send us the best of their ever-changing seasonal flowers!