Spanish Getaway Tinned Fish Pack Number 1 Sons & Partners

Spanish Getaway Tinned Fish Pack

Number 1 Sons & Partners

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Dive into the world of tinned seafood with us. Explore regions and brands, fish and scallops and octopus and mussels, sauces and styles. Enjoy the aesthetics, each tin unique. Discover what you like. Throughout the summer, we'll introduce new tinned seafood variety packs so we can take the journey together.

This tinned fish pack is all about a little luxury — and pretending like we're in Spain. Ramón Peña is the standard bearer of premier Spanish conservas, using the freshest seafood and hand-packing each tin. The octopus in paprika sauce is a classic. It's from Galicia on Spain's Atlantic coast. 

Just on the other side of northern Spain, Fuet is a traditional salami in Catalonia. Ours is made locally, using a Catalan recipe with sea salt, black pepper and the highest-quality pork. They go hand in hand — with some boiled potatoes, saltines or a baguette — and a crisp Spanish white. 


  • 1 can of Ramón Peña Octopus in Paprika Sauce
  • 1 MeatCrafter's Fuet salami, unsliced