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Son Fish Sauce is 100% natural and made by a family in Vietnam from anchovies they catch. This bottle is their 25N version, which has lower levels of nitrogen and makes for a clean, delicious sauce. It shines in nuoc cham and adds an extra little umami and depth to stir fries, meatballs, soups, sauces (especially tomato-based ones) and marinades. 

Contents: 550-ml bottle of fish sauce


Producer: Son Fish Sauce

Location: Vietnam

Son Fish Sauce is a fourth-generation, family-owned company with their own fleet of boats to  harvest wild anchovies around Vietnam’s Son Rai Island. These anchovies in particular have very small stomachs, which make for a higher protein content in the sauce and a more fragrant, less fishy smell. The anchovies are salted right on the boat, using local sea salt, which allows the year-long fermentation process to start right away. The fish sauce is called Nước Mắm Nhĩ, a term that refers to the fish sauce dripping slowly, drop by drop, out of the barrel.

It’s recommended to consume your fish sauce within 30 days of opening, for prime flavor and aroma, though it won’t spoil if you keep it longer. You can store it in the refrigerator if you like. Sea salt crystallization at the bottom of the bottle is natural and does not affect the sauce in any way.