Small, Organic Veggie Bag - THURS
Small, Organic Veggie Bag - THURS

Small, Organic Veggie Bag - THURS

The Farm at Sunnyside

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Certified organic produce from The Farm at Sunnyside, which is just 75 miles from Washington DC.

Farmer Stacey says " If you've never had shishitos you're in for a treat! Heat up some oil in a pan and then add the shishitos whole. Saute over high heat until the skin becomes blistered and the peppers soften. Season with salt, sliced scallions, and cilantro or shiso. These tend to be very mild, with about 1 in 10 having some spice.  This week's small veggie bag for Thursday 7/9 showcases the beginning of summer's abundance! 

- 1 bunch shiso or cilantro - Shiso is commonly found in Japanese cooking and therefore goes well with fish and rice dishes. Cilantro is delicious in salsa as well as stir-frys.
- 1 head cabbage - Coleslaw, but make it different! Add shredded CARROT and SCALLIONS and dress with soy sauce, vinegar, and sesame seeds.
- 1 bunch scallions - Crisp and oniony, thinly slice to garnish a stir-fry or rice dish. - 1-2 cucumbers - Perfect for a cool and refreshing snack or mixed with SCALLIONS, SHISO or CILANTRO and a soy sauce/sesame oil dressing for a side dish.
- 1 bunch carrots - Shred and mix with the CABBAGE for coleslaw or toss into a stir-fry.
- 1 box shishitos or cherry tomatoes - Make the sauteed shishitos above or have a pre-dinner snack of the cherry tomatoes.

The Farm at Sunnyside is managed by Stacey and Casey. We first met them at the Arlington Farmers Market in 2013 when starting Number 1 Sons. Stacey and Casey are phenomenal farmers and managers tending to the health of their land, soil, staff and our community with their nutritious + delicious vegetables. You may have eaten their vegetables at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market, Falls Church Farmers Market, The Dabney or A Rake's Progress :)

The Farm at Sunnyside borders the Shenandoah National Park - read more about their conservation efforts on their website. We love visiting Sunnyside and learning about cover crops, compost, field rotation, food safety processes, and working with a seasonal farm staff - Stacey and Casey excel at all these things!

The farm may substitute veggies if they run out. This rarely happens, but does happen from time time. Produce is measured by weight, so quantity may vary slightly from pictures. Sorry, we can't offer substitutions right now. Sunny Side