Seasonal Fruit Bowl Number 1 Sons & Partners

Seasonal Fruit Bowl

Number 1 Sons & Partners

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A seasonal bowl of sweet, fragrant, tart and juicy fruit ideal for snacking and eating out of hand, featuring peak-season fruit from our partner farms.

For the week of August 3–August 6, we have yellow Shiro plums, white & yellow peaches (including donut peaches), and white & yellow nectarines from Kuhn Orchards.


  • Small: approximately 5 to 6 pieces
  • Medium: approximately 8 to 11 pieces
  • Large: approximately 16 to 22 pieces

The photos are an example of how we pack but don't represent what is in the box, as that changes based on the availability and weight of the fruit. 

Storage and serving suggestions: Let stone fruit and pears ripen on a counter, then store in the refrigerator for up to a week. Keep apples and citrus in the refrigerator for maximum crispness and juiciness. Eat fresh, out of hand. Slice and add to salads. Bake into a pie. Share with anybody around.