Santa Monica Market Bowl Number 1 Sons & Partners
Santa Monica Market Bowl Number 1 Sons & Partners
Santa Monica Market Bowl Number 1 Sons & Partners

Santa Monica Market Bowl

Number 1 Sons & Partners

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Celebrate the season and variety of Murray Family Farm’s organic citrus orchards. The Santa Monica Market Bowl is hand-harvested according to what is ripe and in-season in California's San Joaquin Valley. This selection is made weekly and will change. Fruit will arrive in a simple cardboard crate. If you'd like lower impact packaging, just reach out to us. 


  • 6 satsuma mandarins 
  • 6 Tahoe gold mandarins 
  • 3 Mandarinquats 
  • 3 Blood oranges
  • 3 cocktail grapefruits
  • 2 cara cara oranges
  • 6 tangelos

*Counts are approximate and vary due to size differences. This variability is natural and we celebrate all that it stands for.

Satsuma mandarins are sweet, juicy and peel easily. They’re ideal for snacking, adding to salads or squeezing into a cocktail. 

Tahoe Gold mandarins are small, bumpy, juicy and easy to peel. A delicious and healthy snack. 

Mandarinquats are XL kumquats bred with mandarins, yielding a deep orange, sweet, juicy interior and an extra meaty skin. Slice these, skin and all, and eat raw, or roast to caramelize and concentrate the flavor even more.

Cocktail grapefruits are much sweeter and less acidic than other varieties, making them exceptional for eating straight or, as the name implies, juicing into a cocktail.

Cara Cara oranges are easy- peeling navel oranges with a berry and floral bouquet that makes them more complex than other varieties. Add segments to salads, use the zest in baked goods, and make a naturally sweet fresh-squeezed orange juice.  

Tangelos are extremely juicy with a distinctive shape. Tart and tangy, they are fun to eat out of hand or use for wintry salads, baked goods food and drinks.

Producer: Murray Family Farms grows premium organic citrus and other fruit in Bakersfield, CA. The Murray family’s commitment to cultivating the best possible fruit, and doing it in a way that is sustainable for the planet and the people they employ, meshes with our own goals of building an equitable, quality food system. We are