Rosemary Lamb Sliced Salami MeatCrafters 1 package

Rosemary Lamb Sliced Salami


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This rosemary lamb salami is delicate, but super snackable. Already sliced for you and ready to enjoy. Try it with a creamy cheese. Let it come to room temperature to enjoy the most flavor and the silkiest texture.

Contents: 1 package of sliced rosemary lamb salami


Producer: MeatCrafters

Location: Landover, MD

We've known Mitch for a long time, as he runs the Central Farm markets at Bethesda, Pike and NOVA. After a long career in the food world, he considered retirement, until he realized that no one was making a good, true salami in the D.C. area. So he started MeatCrafters. Mitch's charcuterie is top-notch, handmade in small batches, with well-sourced ingredients and freshly ground spices. His salamis bloom for a week or so in a fermentation room before moving to a curing chamber and hanging until their distinctive flavors are developed. He puts care into every step of the process, and it shows as soon as you taste it.