Rappahannock River Oysters

Rappahannock River Oysters

Rappahannock Oyster Co.

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Field Update: We're taking a short break on oyster delivery! Check back as it gets a bit cooler when we start up oyster delivery again! -Aug 3

We love to close loops in our local food system. With the decline of restaurant oyster sales, it's time to get out your shucking knife! You always wanted to practice shucking, we mean eating, oysters more, right?!

Deep cupped and mineral rich, with an understated saltiness that lets the oyster's natural flavor come though, Rappahannock oysters offer up a sweet, buttery, full-bodied taste with a refreshingly clean, crisp finish. It's the very same oyster Rappahanock Oyster Co. started growing in 1899.

Origin: Topping, Virginia
Species: Crassostrea virginica
Salt Range: 13-18 ppt.

Your oysters will be shipped live, in shell, from Virginia in the wee hours of Tuesday morning in an insulated container at a temperature between 35 and 45 degrees. You will receive them later that same day!

For more information on shelf lifepackaging or storage.

Also, we've got local vinegar to make mignonette, too!