Ramp Surprise

Ramp Surprise

Number 1 Sons

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Foragers of Pennsylvania, Thank you for these delicious ramps. Spring is delicious.

Our Ramp Surprise preserves this wild spring treat so we can all enjoy it a bit longer! We are pickling carrot cuts + cauliflower florets with PLENTY of sustainably foraged ramps in a slightly sweetened local apple cider vinegar.

This is amazing on a cheese board. In a salad. In a grain bowl. On top of some yogurt for a savory snack. The list can go on, but the ramp supply can't! Ramps have a very short season, usually about a month.

Ingredients: Carrots, cauliflower, water salt, ramps, spices, sugar, splash of apple cider vinegar, calcium salt

Made with Virginia apple cider vinegar. Vegan and Gluten Free.