Ramp Kraut
Ramp Kraut

Ramp Kraut

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Barrel Update: We'll have one more barrel of Ramp Kraut ready in a week or so! Check back on Monday 6/29. Those are our last barrels of our 2020 batch of Ramp Kraut. -June 21

HAPPY SPRING :D No matter what's happening in the world, every spring, ramps spring from the earth! Ramps are a wild spring onion with an extremely delicious garlicky flavor. Our ramps are sustainably foraged in the woods of Pennsylvania. This year, Justin, our chef at the pickle factory, + his wife foraged these ramps on his parents' farm in Pennsylvania. The rest of our ramps are coming from Path Valley Farms.

Ramps have a very short season, usually about a month. Our Spring Ramp Kraut preserves the harvest for a bit longer. This kraut is a bit funky, but in the best best way possible. Our barrels of Ramp Kraut fly out of the pickle factory so get it while it's still here!

Ingredients: Cabbage, salt, ramps, dill, spices, calcium salt

Fermentation time: Around one month. Our sauerkruat is fermented in barrels until the right balance of sauer and crunch is perfected. No soft and soggy sauerkraut here!

Vegan, gluten-free and naturally probiotic, brimming with good bacteria.

**we will add a larger size of Ramp Kraut if we are able to make enough barrels!**