Porcini - SUN
Porcini - SUN

Porcini - SUN

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Porcini mushrooms, part of the Boletus edulis family, are here for a very limited time! They have a wonderful nutty flavor and delicious meaty texture. They are great additions to pasts dishes, stirfrys, or prepared using the methods recommended by Tom himself down below!
Your porcinins will be delivered in a brown bag, approximately 1/4 lb.

Tom the forager reports that these mushrooms have tight tubes that are starting to turn yellow. This quality of porcini is best prepared in one of two ways:

Sautee – Slice the mushroom thickly, season with salt and pepper and sauté gently in olive oil, add finely chopped fresh thyme and add a knob of butter at the end of the sauté.

Porcini Fritti – From top to bottom, thickly slice the porcini, prepare an egg wash with a small amount of water.  Coat the porcini slices with the egg wash, place the mushroom in a bowl of flour and remove excess.  Fry in olive or vegetable oil, season with salt and serve immediately.

    Tom of Villa Fungi has been foraging for decades in the DC-area. He has often foraged for top chefs in the DC-area. He has sites all throughout the East Coast and always forages with sustainability in mind. He forages only enough, so his sites can regenerate from season to season.