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Pecan truffles are a native North American truffle most commonly found around pecan orchards. The pecan truffle is not quite as intense as the Lagotto truffle, but it's excellent shaved on dishes that are hot and high in fat content, like mac and cheese, pasta with cream sauce or an omelette.

You can always consider making truffle butter. Just finely dice the truffle and add to softened butter. Integrate the truffle and roll into a log using plastic wrap. Refrigerate for a couple of days. Then you can slice and use on a steak or baked potato, or even melt over popcorn with your favorite salt.

Contents: Half-ounce of pecan truffles, enough to shave over four servings of pasta


Producer: Villa Fungi

Location: Foraged around the DMV

Tom of Villa Fungi grew up in the D.C. area, taking walks through the woods with his father and learning to identify trees. During college and culinary school, Tom foraged mushrooms for his own use, until he eventually was collecting around 50 different types and decided to sell them to a select group of chefs and a few wholesalers. We connected with Tom through the folks at Next Step Produce in early 2020 and have been carrying his seasonal, local, sustainably foraged goods ever since.

StorageStore fresh truffles in the refrigerator, in a plastic container, wrapped loosely in a paper towel. Or in a jar with rice to absorb excess liquid. Open the lid once a day to allow carbon dioxide to escape.