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Doug Singer makes this pastrami from brisket brined with a mix of salt, sugar and a secret blend of aromatic spices. It’s cured using celery juice powder rather than synthetic sodium nitrites and nitrates. A long, slow smoking and cooking process results in pastrami that melts in your mouth. Pair it with a palladin roll, one of our krauts, and a condiment of your choice. 

Contents: 1 pound sliced pastrami


Producer: Singer’s Significant Meats

Location: Washington, D.C. 

Doug Singer started curing and smoking his own corned beef and pastrami to satisfy his cravings for the Jewish-style sandwiches of his childhood in Cleveland and Detroit. After much research, testing, and a sausage and meat processing class at Iowa State University, Doug landed on his ideal formula to make naturally cured corned beef and pastrami. Every piece is crafted using Old World techniques, including hand trimming, all-natural immersion brining and a proprietary blend of hand-rubbed seasonings. 

Ingredients: Beef brisket, salt, sugar, celery juice powder, aromatic spices

Storage and handling: Keep refrigerated for 3 to 5 days, or divide into smaller portions and freeze for up to a year.