Osso Buco with Polenta, Fruit & Cheese Number 1 Sons & Partners

Osso Buco with Polenta, Fruit & Cheese

Number 1 Sons & Partners

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Note: The osso buco dinner kit is available through June 25.

Osso buco is a classic from Lombardy. Veal shanks are braised over two and a half hours with white wine, a touch of tomato sauce and aromatics, including basil, thyme, carrots, celery and onion. Served alongside a polenta cake. Topped with a gremolata of parsley, garlic and lemon zest.

We've included fruit and cheese for a light summer dessert to go along with a rich, hearty dinner. Slice local apples and pears and enjoy with salty, tangy grana padano.

This dinner for two is only missing a bottle of red wine.


  • Braised veal shanks with white wine, tomato, and aromatics. Packaged in a vacuum-sealed pack for easy re-heating in warm water, sous-vide style
  • Polenta cakes
  • Gremolata with parsley, garlic and lemon zest
  • Apples, pears and grana padano

Allergens: dairy, gluten


Producer: Chef Roberto Donna

Location: Washington, D.C.

Chef Roberto Donna is an icon of D.C.'s Italian culinary scene. He opened Galileo in Dupont in 1984, and its success led to many more restaurants across the city. In 1996, Chef Donna was named the mid-Atlantic's best chef by the James Beard Foundation, and later that year he was invited to Rome to receive an award from the Italian government in recognition of serving the best authentic Italian food outside of Italy. Galileo was named one of the 10 best Italian restaurants in America by Wine Spectator in 1997. Today, Chef Roberto is cooking with his family and delivering weekly meals across D.C. 

Illustration by our own kombucha brewer Scott Petrisko.