Organic Seasonal Salad Pack Dicot Farm

Organic Seasonal Salad Pack

Dicot Farm

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Get into a seasonal salad habit with Dicot Farm’s rotating salad pack. This weekly salad kit will change often as new vegetables come into season. You’ll have enough vegetables to make one large salad for four to six people, or several smaller salads to eat throughout the week. Don’t let us constrain you to salad, either. There are plenty of other uses for these delicious veggies.

For April, Dicot is harvesting spring greens and roots and also has some fresh herbs to enliven your salad, add to a dressing and scatter on other meals throughout the week.


  • 1 bag of farmer’s choice greens: lettuce mix, spicy mix, pea shoots or a mix of each
  • 3 of the following roots: carrots, hakurei turnips, radishes, scallions
  • 1 bunch of dill or cilantro 


Producer: Dicot Farm

Location: Waldorf, MD

We met Meghan and Erik at the Greenbelt and Foggy Bottom farmers markets. Their small but mighty farm is certified organic and located just across the Potomac River. Your veggies are picked just days before delivery and travel less than an hour from the farm to the Pickle Factory before landing in your kitchen.

Serving Suggestion

We love to use a mandolin to shave Hakurei turnips, a Japanese variety which are sweet and very tasty raw; dress them simply with an oil and vinegar mix (add a little mustard, too). Shred the carrots on a box grater, then, depending on the contents of your pantry, make any number of shredded carrot salads: Gajjara Kosambari (from south India), salade de carottes râpées (from France), or a carrot raisin salad with a mayo-based dressing (from the southern U.S.), for example. These would both do well on a bed of the lettuce or spicy greens mix, and pea shoots would enliven it all and add their signature flavor as well. Don’t let us limit you to salads: quartered Hakurei turnips and radishes make an excellent snack when dipped in salt or eaten with a dab of salted butter or a slice of pastrami. If you’ve got a grill pan, the roots all take well to a quick char and would be excellent tucked in a pita filled with hummus.