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This two pound bag of whole wheat flour is milled to order! We asked Farmer Gabrielle about the shelf life of their wheat. This is what she said:

"All flour purchased in stores is rancid.  As soon as grain is milled the oxidation process begins.  Our flour is milled on demand, with the date stamped on the bag.  One can count on store bought flours being at least several months old, if not several years.  So, under those circumstances, what exactly is one asking when one poses that question?  What is shelf-life when the food being sold on store shelves is defunct of the original nutrients and oils?

For all flours, this oxidation process is slowed by refrigeration. We state on our bags to store in refrigerator or freezer; the reason is this, for the preservation, as much and as long as possible, of the nutrients and oils which begin to oxidate upon milling.  But no matter what, one will be ahead of the game with locally, on-demand milled flours."

Next Step Produce is a certified organic farm in Maryland that is "Committed to Growing Nourishing Food in Harmony with Nature" through soil-building, nutrient-density, and a diverse plant-based farming system. We met farmers Heinz, Gabrielle, and their daughters in the early days of Number 1 Sons.

They are quite the pioneers in the Mid-Atlantic farming community. Their greenhouse and grain-drying process is powered by a high-efficiency wood-burning furnace, with wood sourced by selective low-grading right from their property. They have specialized equipment from Japan so they can grow and process rice, grains and beans - things that normally aren't grown in our region! You may have eaten their foods at Seylou Bakery or A Rake's Progress :)