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Nutri Dense Microgreens

San Giovanni's Farm

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This mix of kale, arugula, cabbage, bok choy and amaranth microgreens from San Giovanni’s Farm is as lovely as it is flavorful. And as a bonus, the farm keeps their production low-waste by using spent microgreen potting soil as a compost in their field crops. Scatter these greens over fresh-from-the-oven pizza, pile on open-faced sandwiches, or pair with bright citrus and vibrant beets for an extra colorful salad. 

Contents: 2 ½ ounces mixed microgreens (kale, arugula, cabbage, bok choy and amaranth)


Producer: San Giovanni's Farm

Location: Woodbine, Maryland

The Barrow family named their farm after their grandfather and gardener extraordinaire, Giovanni Marino. The farm is certified organic and even goes beyond USDA organic standards by adhering to the Real Organic Project’s standards. San Giovanni’s Farm primarily grows greens, microgreens, vegetables, flowers, and herbs, which they sell directly to customers in the DMV. Their use of the spent microgreen soil has become a big part of their fertility program for the field vegetables, helping to build healthy soil for generations to come.

Nutritional value: Microgreens are flavorful little powerhouses that contain up to 40 percent higher levels of nutrients (especially vitamins K, C and E, plus lutein and beta-carotene) than  their mature counterparts.