Muscadine Grapes - THURS

Muscadine Grapes - THURS

Agriberry Farm

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Welcome FALL with two pints of muscadine grapes from Agriberry Farm! These grapes are softer than conventional grapes — they sort of melt in your mouth — and are much sweeter. They are grown in NC. 

Bronze grapes are Darlene varietal and the dark grapes are Nesbit varietal. The two pints will be a mix of the two! 

These grapes are great eaten as is, spitting out the seeds or for making amazing jams, jellies, and syups (or sorbets and such!) 

Agriberry Farm is located in Moseley, VA just outside of Richmond. The Geyser family has been growing berries for 37 years in the area - berries are their speciality and they're quite skilled at growing them! We first met Colleen and her mom Anne at the JFX Baltimore Farmers Market! We love buying a box of their berries every-time we see them at the market. Read about their growing practices here.