Exciting Mushroom Mix King Mushroom Farm 1lb bag
Exciting Mushroom Mix King Mushroom Farm

Exciting Mushroom Mix

King Mushroom Farm

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Mushrooms are one of the foods we cook with every single week. From curries to buttery, garlicky saute to soup to Chinese hot potthey're so versatile!
Your one pound bag of mushrooms will include at least four of these varieties: Shiitake, Yellow Oyster, Grey Oyster, King Trumpet, Lions Mane, Maitake, Chestnut and Black Pearl!
The trick to cooking mushrooms is LOW and SLOW. We like to cook our mushrooms in a cast iron over low heat with butter or olive oil. Sometimes both. Don't forget to salt! And add some acid at the end, if you're feeling like it: lemon, vinegar, etc.
King Mushroom Farm is just an hour from DC on Maryland's Eastern Shore. We're neighbors with them at many area farmers markets. It's been a joy to grow our businesses next to each other over the years.
This is a TON of mushrooms. Bring it on!
**NOT available for Market Pickup**