Mexican Pepper Pack

Mexican Pepper Pack

The Farm at Sunnyside

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Spice up your life!!! Dried hot peppers are a great way to give your dishes a bit of heat and flavor. They can be ground into a paste or flakes, incorporated into salsa and sauces, rehydrated and added to soups, stews and curries or stir fried in oil.

Each pack will contain 3 types of peppers and 3 or 5 individual peppers of each variety, depending on the size. For the Mexican Pepper Pack, these dried peppers provide a range of heat profiles to make your enchiladas, moles, salsa and soups sing.  Your Mexican Pepper Pack may contain:
  • Ancho (Dried Ripe Poblano) : Mild to medium heat. These give a raisiny character to dishes and can be used to make a great mole negro.
  • Guajilllo : Mild to medium heat. These red chilies go great with tomatoes and are often used as a base for salsas, red enchilada sauce and pozole.
  • Habanero : High heat. These have a fruity and tropical flavor and pack some serious punch.
  • Chilhuacle Negro : Medium heat and dark brown. A specialty chile from Oaxaca that is used to make salsas and moles.
  • Chipotle or Red Jalapeno : Medium heat. A bit smoky and delicious.
  • Red Anaheim (New Mexico Chile) : Mild to medium heat. Great for making salsa.

    The Farm at Sunnyside is managed by Stacey and Casey. We first met them at the Arlington Farmers Market in 2013. Stacey and Casey are phenomenal farmers and managers tending to the health of their land, soil, staff and our community with their nutritious + delicious vegetables. You may have eaten their vegetables at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market, Falls Church Farmers Market, The Dabney or A Rake's Progress :)

    The farm borders the Shenandoah National Park - read more about their conservation efforts on their website. We love visiting Sunnyside and learning about cover crops, compost, field rotation, food safety processes, and working with a seasonal farm staff - Stacey and Casey excel at all these things! Sunny Side