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This medium veggie box is delightful for 2-3 people, especially the duo who likes to eat lots of vegetables throughout the week. Eat the fresh greens first within a few days!

We know, we know. We've been saying it for a few weeks now. The warm weather earlier this spring and then sudden cold + frosts in May has meant some weird growing patterns! But, spring is finally here! It's the first asparagus from Path Valley Farms in Pennsylvania!

Here's the lineup for Saturday 5/30 delivery:

  • 2 bunches of foraged ramps: what about making ramp pizza or ramp quiche? garlicky, springtime super premium foraged specialty! no matter what's happing in the world, every Spring, ramps spring from the earth! This is likely the last week for ramps, definitely last week for ramps with greens! The recent cold has given us a much longer season of ramps this year. Silver linings :)
  • 1/2 lb mix greens: ever changing mix of mizuna, tatsoi, red/green kale, red/green mustard, scarlet frills, beet greens, and some sylvetta.
  • !not pictured! small bag of pea shoots or microgreens: perfect to add to grain bowls or salads!
  • 3 cucumbers: same story as the tomatoes...
  • !not pictured! 2 ripe red tomatoes (or 3 smaller ones): why just one tomato?! in the greenhouse, the tomato plants are slowly starting to produce. as the days get longer, the plants will grow quicker and there will be more tomatoes!
  • a bunch of asparagus: store in a jar of water in your fridge for freshest asparagus when you're ready to cook! approximately 3/4 lb.
  • a pint of mushrooms: you will get blue oyster, yellow oyster OR shiitake mushrooms. remember to cook these low + slow. don't skimp on the butter or olive. also, salt + acid is your friend at the end!
  • small bag of herbs: basil or applemint or oregano. approximately 2 ounces.
Path Valley Farms is a farming cooperative in Pennsylvania! Path Valley Farms is a true collective, owned by the growers and operating with the intention of keeping families working together at home! We all work with the goal of growing tasty food on healthy land that will be sustained through the generations. 

Their gem-like vegetables are beloved by many area chefs (and us!). Read more about Path Valley Farms Coop here.

The farm may make substitutions when they run out of one type of veggie! We try to avoid this, but it does happen from time to time.