Local Vinegar Set

Local Vinegar Set

Keepwell Vinegar

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Some may call this a gift set, we call this a gift to your vinegar-loving taste buds! This box includes 5oz bottles of Sorghum Molasses, Bitter Lemon, Merlot, and Ginger.

These varieties are a pure expression of Keepwell Vinegar's farm and forage-driven sourcing process. The uses are nearly infinite - sauces, cocktails, dressings! We love to finish cooking our mushrooms with a splash of vinegar :)

Keepwell Vinegar is the creation of two pastry chefs who decided to use sugar in a different way! We met Sarah and Isaiah when we were working at Union Market. They are truly dedicated to their craft of preserving Mid-Atlantic fruits + grains to make vinegars + miso.

Keep refrigerated. Similar to many of our products, miso is a living fermented food!