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Ginger, 375 mL: The local ginger gives this vinegar a warm glow and a spiky punch! 

Ginger vinegar is a natural in shrubs and cocktails, as well as in any pickle brine. Stir with some soy sauce for an excellent beginning of a teriyaki or ponzu sauce!

Black Garlic Vinegar, 375 mL: The folks at Keepwell say that ANY wine can be made into vinegar, and that any fermentable sugar can be turned into wine. Enter black garlic. Creamy white garlic bulbs are the energy stores for the garlic plant to survive the winter; once they become black garlic, their sugars are caramelized and become available to the yeast. They are ready to become wine - it's pretty unusual wine! Fortunately for all of us, it becomes delicious vinegar.

Use black garlic vinegar anywhere you are ready for the powerful and heady flavor of black garlic!

Blueberry Vinegar, 375 mL : The sour for the punch! Save your cocktails from syrupy sweetness this with this powerfully aromatic Blueberry vinegar. The blueberry brings a tart & jammy fruit taste that mellows the tartness of the vinegar. Also a great dressing to cut the saltines or fattiness of any good salad or piece of protein! (try on top of salmon...yum!)

Merlot Vinegar, 375 mL: Merlot wine, but taken all the way. Potential fulfilled, if you will. A bigger, drier, winier, fruitier, grape-ier red wine vinegar than you've every had in your life. Make the best greek salad you‚ you've ever tasted with Keepwell's merlot vinegar.

Keepwell Vinegar is the creation of two pastry chefs who decided to use sugar in a different way! We met Sarah and Isaiah when we were both working at Union Market. They are truly dedicated to their craft of preserving Mid-Atlantic fruits + grains to make vinegars + miso.