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Next Step Produce's Koshihikari Rice is a Japanese heirloom, short-grain rice with a delicate, nutty flavor and chewy texture. This rice pairs well with many dishes while also standing well on its own

This one pound bag of rice has cooking instructions! Store in a dry cool place.

Next Step Produce is a certified organic farm in Maryland that is "Committed to Growing Nourishing Food in Harmony with Nature" through soil-building, nutrient-density, and a diverse plant-based farming system. We met farmers Heinz, Gabrielle, and their daughters in the early days of Number 1 Sons.

They are quite the pioneers in the Mid-Atlantic farming community. Their greenhouse and grain-drying process is powered by a high-efficiency wood-burning furnace, with wood sourced by selective low-grading right from their property. They have specialized equipment from Japan so they can grow and process rice, grains and beans - things that normally aren't grown in our region! You may have eaten their foods at Seylou Bakery or A Rake's Progress :)