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When we started making kombucha, folks told us that we could use any tea. Well, after many brew batches, we found out that tea quality matters! Good ingredients = good results! We're proud to use tea from Teaism.

Our kombucha is slightly tangy, slightly sweet. It's robust, but not sour. We worked for years to perfect our process + we LOVE our well-balanced kombucha. If you come to the pickle factory, you will see our staff drinking it constantly. Even after years of working with kombucha nearly every day, our brewmaster Scott still drinks our kombucha too :)

We use high quality ingredients to flavor our kombucha: organic ginger, local seasonal fruits and whole spices. Our current flavors are

  1. OG Original Ginger ginger ginger ginger - we've found that organic ginger gives us the best gingery flavor!
  2. TT Turmeric Tang turmeric, ginger, smidge of carrot juice + pinch of black pepper
  3. LF Lavender Fizz but not soapy! lavender, mint, and many other herbs for a lovely botanical flavor. pairs lovely with gin, if that's your thing!

Our kombucha comes in a 500 mL bottle. After drinking, bring the bottle back to market or leave out ahead of your next delivery. We'll wash, sanitize and reuse.

Drink the kombucha within two to three weeks for the freshest flavor. We have drank our kombucha a month or two later and it got more bubbly and just slightly more sour! When it goes to vinegar we like to use it to make dressing! Sweet tea vinegar, anyone?

Ingredients: filtered water, black tea, gunpowder green tea, rooibos tea, yerba mate tea, white sugar, brown sugar, SCOBY, flavorings

Sugar: Each 500 mL bottle has ~9g sugar at bottling. This is what remains after ~75% of the sugar ferments during the process. We do not add additional sugar during the secondary ferment/bottling.

Fermentation Time: About 10 days total for both the primary and secondary ferment.