Kinda Kicky Daikons

Kinda Kicky Daikons

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We don't buy vegetables that need to spend days on a truck to reach the pickle factory. In the wintertime when we can no longer buy domestically grown cucumbers, we are team daikon.

Daikon radishes can grow in the fall and winter at farms in MD, VA and PA. Our 2019/2020 winter daikon radishes were grown exclusively by Farmer Mike + his crew at Earth Spring Farm. What's even better about the daikon radish? It pickles and ferments beautifully.

Similarly sour to our Super Sour pickles, our Kinda Kicky Daikons are packed with garlic. You know what else we added to these? Our Crispy Kosher pickle spice! That means these are our slightly spicy - what a nice tingle! - because of the chili. 

The daikon radish spears remain deliciously crunchy even after fermenting in a barrel for weeks! Some of our farmers market buddies now ask us for daikon pickles year-round :) Dare we say:  we might be giving up cucumbers to be TEAM DAIKON.

Add our daikon pickles to a cheese plate or anywhere that you would normally eat a sour, crunchy cucumber pickle. Like straight out of the jar, in your PJs, in front of the fridge at 2 AM in the morning?!

Ingredients: Daikons, water, salt, spices, dill, garlic, splash of vinegar

Fermentation time: A few weeks

Vegan, gluten-free and naturally probiotic, brimming with good bacteria