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Hot Pepper Plant Pack

Fireside Farm

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Farmer Stacey is a wizard in the greenhouse and loves to get baby plants off to a healthy start. Farmer Casey's favorite crop is hot peppers, and they grow about 30 varieties every summer. This plant four-pack contains some of the most popular and versatile pepper plants, sown and grown in Vermont Compost potting soil and lovingly cared for by Farmer Stacey. With proper watering, the plants can stay in their packs for up to two weeks before planting.


  • 1 Poblano (Ancho Poblano): Large, fruity, mild pepper. Great for stuffing and baking (think chile rellenos) or roasting and peeling to make rajas.
  • 1 Fresno (Flaming Flare): Sweet, fruity, lightly acidic backbone and mildly hot. Excellent in stir fry, sautés, and hot sauce.
  • 1 Jalapeño (Jedi): This large jalapeno variety can pack a punch. Use in a variety of salsas and as an all-purpose spicy green pepper. You’ll get continuous fruit all growing season.
  • 1 Cayenne (Red Ember): Medium heat with a characteristic red hue and long, tapered shape. Great in stir fry and soup, or to dry to make a powder or pepper flakes.

    Sorry, no substitutions available. Too many plants for you? Pot one up to share with a friend or neighbor.


    Producer: Fireside Farm

    Location: Purcellville, Virginia 

    Fireside Farm is the new project from Stacey and Casey, who managed The Farm at Sunnyside for the past six years. In January 2021 they relocated to a small farming community in Loudoun County. Fireside Farm is not certified organic, but Stacey and Casey are dedicated to practices which go beyond organic standards. They strive to utilize growing methods to improve soil health and believe that healthy soil corresponds to healthy plants and healthy people. 

    Number 1 Sons and Stacey and Casey have been linked together for many years, selling alongside each other at various farmers markets, scheming together on how to use produce like radishes and chilies to make interesting ferments, staying up all night to roast pigs, and sharing many meals together. We are excited about the road ahead and happy to continue delivering Stacey and Casey’s excellent produce to your door.

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