Hive Mix Super Honey Humming Bird Ranch Farm
Hive Mix Super Honey Humming Bird Ranch Farm

Hive Mix Super Honey

Hummingbird Ranch Farm

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Hive Mix Super Honey is a thick and intense blend of raw honey, royal jelly, and pollen from award-winning Hummingbird Ranch Farm. Raw wildflower honey gets a big boost from extra pollen, which lends vitamins and amino acids, plus propolis (contains many antioxidants) and royal jelly, a.k.a. the queen bee’s food, which has antibacterial and antifungal properties. The result is a super flavorful, spreadable, nourishing honey.

Contents: 1-pound raw honey in a glass jar

Storage: Keep at room temperature indefinitely 


Producer: Hummingbird Ranch Farm

Location: Salt Point, NY

Husband and wife team Rich and Deb started producing maple syrup at Hummingbird Ranch 20 years ago. They then added bee hives and today turn out a variety of maple- and honey-based products. Hummingbird Ranch’s maple syrups and honeys frequently win awards at the New York State Fair and are used by Yonkers Brewery and Hyde Park Brewing, and even the CIA (the Culinary Institute of America, that is). 

When Miriam did her residency in Brooklyn, she also worked at the local food co-op and found Hummingbird’s honey there. She shared it with Yi Wah, who was blown away by this extraordinary blend. We’re happy to bring this honey from New York to supplement our local offerings.