Hand Sanitizer One Eight
Hand Sanitizer One Eight

Hand Sanitizer

One Eight

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Field UpdateConcerning the recent  FDA issued warning about contaminated methanol in hand sanitizers: John from One Eight Distillery responded with; “The products that were contaminated came from a handful of producers in Mexico that exported to the US. We’re exclusively using beverage grade ethanol for the hand sanitizer, which is highly regulated in the US so there is little to no risk of methanol contamination.”- July 28th

We've got the locally made soap, and now we've also go District-made hand sanitizer.

Produced by One Eight Distilling, this 80% Ethanol Liquid Hand Sanitizer comes in a 4oz squeeze bottle or gallon refill jug. It is compounded in compliance with FDA guidance. This is not a gel, but comes out in liquid form.

One Eight Distilling is our neighbors in Ivy City! We've known one of the owners, Alex, since before One Eight Distilling! Where'd we meet him? Well, of course, the farmers market! This isn't our first time partnering up with One Eight! We used One Eight's spent gin botanicals to make our Gin Ginger daikons and pickles.