Grass-Fed Greek Yoghurt

Grass-Fed Greek Yoghurt

Fiddle Creek Dairy

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This 16oz Greek Yoghurt is a nutrient-dense, creamy yoghurt. It is made by straining the liquids (whey) out leaving a thick, delicious mild flavored yoghurt. Greek yoghurt can be used in baked goods, substituted for sour cream, sauces, dips, and is excellent with fresh fruit, maple syrup, honey or jam.

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Fiddle Creek Dairy is a family farm practicing sustainability, making delicious yoghurt and other dairy products, and treating our cows and our land in the best way possible. On a deeper level, they are drawing upon wisdom from the roots of their own ancestry (small Mennonite and Amish family farms) and tapping into the wisdom from Indigenous cultures they’ve connected with (Kikuyu, Luo and Massai from Kenya, Lakota, and Haudenosaunee) to find a balanced way of living that is in harmony with life’s systems.