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Keepwell Vinegar

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Keepwell is known for making vinegars and misos with all mid-Atlantic ingredients. Their gochujang takes Korean gochugaru chiles and lets them ferment with organic soybeans from Pennsylvania. Malted Pennsylvania barley helps break down Koshihikari rice from Next Step Produce, unlocking the rice's natural sugar. The result is deep and earthy and spicy, with a hint of sweetness.

Contents: 9-ounce jar of gochujang


Producer: Keepwell Vinegar

Location: Mid-Atlantic

Keepwell Vinegar is the creation of two pastry chefs, Sarah and Isaiah, who decided to use sugar in a different way. We met them back when we both worked at Union Market. Today, Sarah and Isaiah have a facility at Sunnyside Farm where they hone their craft of preserving regional fruits and grains to make vinegars and miso. It’s truly a Mid-Atlantic effort, as they source a wide variety of crops from responsible farmers in the area, utilizing “ugly” seconds that would otherwise go unsold and buying in bulk during seasonal gluts. Source farms include Three Springs Fruit Farm in Wenksville, PA; Chicano Sol Farm in Blain, PA; One Straw Farm in White Hall, MD; and Next Step Produce in Newburg, MD (plus a few more). Be sure to check out Keepwell’s Instagram for lots of recipes to use their vinegars and misos.

Storage and serving suggestions: Keep refrigerated. While gochujang is not perishable, strictly speaking, you’ll preserve the intended taste if your gochujang is kept in cold storage.

Gochujang is the base of many savory Korean sauces like ssamjang and bibimbap. Try using it to make a spicy aioli. Or marinate proteins or vegetables before roasting or grilling.

Ingredients: water, organic soybeans (New Covenant Farm, PA), gochugaru, organic koshihikari rice (Next Step Produce, MD), malted barley (Deer Creek Malthouse, PA), salt, koji spore Allergen: soy, wheat.