Gin Ginger Daikons

Gin Ginger Daikons

Number 1 Sons

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Barrel Update: Our daikon barrels are empty. Our full lineup of cucumber pickles are here from June to October/November. During the colder months, locally grown daikons will return! -June 1

See our current pickle options HERE.

Our neighbors at One Eight Distilling give us their spent gin botanicalsdelicious flavors of ginger, juniper berries, Appalachian spicebush + more! We make sweet daikon winter pickles with them :) You eat them + win! 

Our winter 2019/2020 daikon radishes were grown by ecoganic Earth Spring Farm. We love Framer Mike + met him at the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market! He has worked tirelessly to figure out the best growing methods to grow our daikon radishes.

Ingredients: Daikons, water, apple cider vinegar, sugar, salt, ginger, spent gin botanicals, calcium salt

Gin Ginger Daikons are gluten-free and made with healthy, Virginia apple cider vinegar.