Ethically-Sourced, Single-Origin Whole Bean Decaffeinated Coffee Kustomcoffee

Ethically-Sourced, Single-Origin Whole Bean Decaffeinated Coffee


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We are excited to be offering 10oz bags of Kustomcoffee single origin, whole bean DECAFFEINATED coffee! This coffee is carefully selected for taste and roasted in small batches to find the perfect expression of each batch. Arka at Kustomcoffee works directly with farms to ensure that coffee is grown with the highest ethical and environmental standards, so you can feel good about your coffee while you feel good about your coffee! You can read more about his buying practices on our blog post about ethically sourcing coffee.

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Right now, our decaf selection is Colombia Excelso Valle de Cauca, Ethyl Acetate Decaf. Here are Arka's tasting notes:

Strikingly caramelly with notes of dried cherry, hazelnut, nougat and red apple, this coffee is sourced by our friends at Genuine Origin from smallholders located in Valle del Cauca, between the National Park of Tatama and serrania de los paraguas. Some years ago, this region was identified by Conservation International as one of the two main conservation corridors in Colombia. Farmers in this region are keenly aware of the importance of the preservation of natural resources, water management and friendly environmental practices.

The coffee is decaffeinated using ethyl acetate, an organic compound present in sugarcane. This removes over 97% of the caffeine, and leaves a pleasantly sweet aftertaste.