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Good Fortune Farm

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You could always pickle these small to medium–sized cukes, but what about a smashed cucumber salad? Just quarter the cucumber and then smash each piece, using the flat side of a chef's knife and your hand. Mix with chinkiang vinegar, chile oil, and maybe some garlic and cilantro. Or go cool and creamy by mixing with yoghurt, dill and a few slices of red onions.

Contents: 2 pounds of pickling cucumbers that are 3 to 5 inches in length


Producer: Good Fortune Farm

Location: Brandywine, Maryland

Good Fortune Farm is a family-owned 11-acre farm that's been using organic methods to grow produce in Brandywine, Maryland, since 1997. It's located fewer than 30 miles and six turns from the White House. This close proximity to D.C. allows Good Fortune Farm to harvest and deliver their produce "door-to-door in 24," as Farmer Mike likes to say. They distribute produce to some of the city's best restaurants and run a seasonal CSA program. They're excited to collaborate with us to bring remarkably fresh produce to your table.