Crispy Koshers
Crispy Koshers
Crispy Koshers

Crispy Koshers

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Barrel Update: So far this season, our Crispy Koshers maybe more 'pickled' compared to past years. What does this mean? They might be a bit less bright green. They will taste slightly more sour! The crunch level has remained lovely, though! Why is this happening? Our workflow has changed significantly this year. We'll keep adjusting so our fresh fermented pickles are as fresh as possible! -June 9

Crispy Koshers are half sour pickles that took a dunk in crushed garlic, fresh dill, and a touch of red chili flakes. Very fresh and crunchy. Deliciously garlicky and flavorful. Perfect 10! Our most popular pickle variety.

Ingredients: Cucumbers, water, salt, garlic, dill, spices, splash of apple cider vinegar, calcium salt

Fermentation Time: Less than a week. Speaking in pickle technicalities, our Crispy Koshers can be between a New Sour and Half Sour pickle.

Vegan, gluten-free and naturally probiotic, brimming with good bacteria.