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These corn tortillas are handmade by Esmerelda, a one-woman show who operates a small stand in Riverdale, Maryland. We pick them up daily, right after they’re made, so that you can enjoy the full flavor and potential of a freshly made tortilla.

Contents: 16 tortillas per pack


Producer: Esmerelda’s Tortillas

Location: Riverdale, Maryland

Sometimes you learn of good food through a shiny write-up in a fancy food magazine. Other times it’s revealed through whispers from fellow food distributors. Such is the case with these corn tortillas, simply known to many in Riverdale as the fresh tortilla stand. Esmerelda is the epitome of a small business, and we’re happy to support her work.

Serving suggestion: Use these thin, Mexican-style tortillas in tacos, enchiladas, and quesadillas. We like to top our tacos with kimchi and a hit of hot sauce.

Store in the refrigerator and use within four days for optimum freshness. You can also freeze and reheat when ready to use, but know that stale tortillas are perfect for chilaquiles or homemade chips.

To reheat: There is debate in some homes whether a microwave is an appropriate way to reheat tortillas. One side argues for a microwave’s convenience while the other argues that it makes the tortilla tough and dry. A third option is to wrap a stack in foil to warm in the oven. We suggest experimenting to see which method works best for you. 

To reheat on the stove, slide tortillas under running water, then put it on a hot, dry skillet. Flip after about 30 seconds to warm the other side. Stack tortillas on top of each other, wrapped in a towel; the resulting steam softens tortillas, making them perfect for tacos.