Berry Pack - TUES
Berry Pack - TUES
Berry Pack - TUES
Berry Pack - TUES

Berry Pack - TUES

Agriberry Farm

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Field Update: The Berry Packs for delivery on Tuesday July 14 will have strawberries as their first berry! The remaining three berries will be a mix of blackberries (1/2 pint) and/or raspberries (1/2 pint) and/or blueberries (pint). -July 13

HAPPY SUMMER! Enjoy Farmer's Choice Berry Pack containing four containers of berriesYour berries will come in plastic clamshells or pulp boxes in a brown bag or box! You will get a total of four packs of berries but the specific varieties vary week to week. For delivery Tuesday July 21 the Berry Pack may contain:

  • Strawberries, 1 lb clamshells: Agriberry's strawberries tend to be a slightly larger size, compared to other local strawberry varieties 
  • Blackberries, 1 pint: First of the season from Agriberry!
  • Red Raspberries, 1/2 pint: Not as likely to have red raspberries this week.
  • Blueberries, 1 pint: Agriberry's blueberries aren't quite ready - until then, these blueberries are grown by Macrie Brothers in NJ.

Wash berries just before using - but don't soak them! Eat these berries within a few days - these varieties are more flavorful than what you can find in the store year-round, but also more perishable!

Too many berries to eat at once? Freeze some. Or, make a quick jam or strawberry curd (so delicious!). We love to have frozen strawberry curd to whip out for quickie desserts or cakes throughout the year.

Agriberry Farm is located in Moseley, VA just outside of Richmond. The Geyser family has been growing berries for 37 years in the area - berries are their speciality and they're quite skilled at growing them! We first met Colleen and her mom Anne at the JFX Baltimore Farmers Market! We love buying a box of their berries every-time we see them at the market. Read about their growing practices here.