Cinnamon Rolls - SUNDAY

Cinnamon Rolls - SUNDAY

Cowbell Kitchen

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UPDATE: Cinnamon rolls are now offered in packs of FOUR - August 15

Cowbell Kitchen's special Saturday-only cinnamon rolls are here just for Mother's Day! The four cinnamon rolls will come packaged in a box ready for any time of the day.

Brioche, local honey in the goo, super yummy! Be a breakfast star and surprise mom and the family with a couple of these yummy buns!

Cowbell Kitchen is a bakery rooted in farmers markets through and through. We've worked many market days next to Cher and her cheery team! Cowbell is well-known for their classic baked goods (always well executed!) that are rooted in seasonal, local sourcing. 


Dough Ingredients: all purpose flour, fresh yeast, bread flour, sugar, salt, eggs, butter
Goo Ingredients: butter, brown sugar, local honey, heavy cream, salt
Filling Ingredients: sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon