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Give a gift. We make fermented hot sauces with chiles and beer from our friends and neighbors, for your friends and neighbors. Share a bear!

Inspired by Farmer Casey’s love of chiles, he grew these peppers organically for us at the Farm at Sunnyside. We learned how to make hot sauce from the proprietor of Rushy Springs Farm in Tennessee. Jim’s an eccentric long-time hippie who makes special hot sauces on his land near Dollywood. He likes to sell his hot sauce to local bars, so in exchange he brings home empty handles and ages his creations in them. He also makes a mean pancake breakfast, which we learned when we spent down there helping him farm.
Our 2020 hot sauces are made from a mix of organic, local peppers from the Farm at Sunnyside fermented with Atlas beer! Atlas is right next to the pickle factory in Ivy City.