Chili Bear Gift Trio Number 1 Sons 3-Bear Tube

Chili Bear Gift Trio

Number 1 Sons

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Locally grown peppers ferment with salt and local beer for months in our barrels. We then process the fermented chilis for a smooth hot sauce, finishing with Virginia apple cider vinegar.

The Chili Bear Trio includes an assortment of 3x of our Chili Bears in the baby bear size (2oz). The bears come packaged in a nifty clear tube. These bears like to live in your purse, go camping and even fly on airplanes. TSA approved.

The HOT HOT HOT trio may include:

  • Red Brau made with DC Brau's The Public beer and red habanero chili peppers, scorpion, red jalapeno, red bell, aji dulce, paper lantern, thai chili, cherry bomb, fresno. Citrusy, bright, hoppy note from beer!
  • Hot Chocolate made with Right Proper Haxan beer, Jamaican chocolate and scorpion chili peppers. The Jamaican Chocolate Pepper is a habanero pepper with earthy flavor, similar to a Mexican mole. It's hotter than an average habanero pepper! The other pepper is a Scorpion -- one of the hottest pepper varieties out there.
  • Femme Fatali made with Pen Druid beer, yellow fatali and lemon drop chili peppers. The clean bright flavor of these African and Peruvian spicy peppers really sing!