Chanterelles - SUNDAY
Chanterelles - SUNDAY
Chanterelles - SUNDAY

Chanterelles - SUNDAY

Arcadia Venture

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Field Update: The recent rains have been GREAT for chanterelles. If this keeps up, we're expecting even greater numbers of chanterelles to spring up. -July 24

Wild! Foraged! Fungi! Fragrant! Amazing taste! Tom form Villa Fungi and Chef Iulian of Arcadia Venture are foraging smooth or golden chanterelles (Cantharellus lateritius) from Maryland and Virginia for you. Your chanterelles will be delivered in a brown bag, choose between ~1/4 lb or ~1 lb (for the serious mushroom lovers!).
Chanterelles are amazing mushrooms that grow in wooded forests because of their symbiotic relationship with trees. It can take years for these mycorrhizal relationships to develop. Chanterelles are most abundant in wet summers. Hope for rain!

Cook: Saute on medium low heat with butter, add finely diced garlic and fresh thyme once chanterelles start sweating. But that's just one suggestion!

Tom of Villa Fungi has been foraging for decades in the DC-area. He has often foraged for top chefs in the DC-area. He has sites all throughout the East Coast and always forages with sustainability in mind. He forages only enough, so his sites can regenerate from season to season.
Chef Iulian of Arcadia Venture has been foraging for 8 years on the East Coast, specifically the DC area. He also has experience foraging in Denmark, Italy and India.