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Susquehanna Mills

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Susquehanna Mills makes fresh and flavorful oils in Pennsdale, PA by extracting oil from regional crops via a press and bottling it. That simple! This creates the most flavorful and intact product possible, which is the same way quality olive oil is made.
The lightly refined, non-GMO Canola Oil has a mild flavor. This is the oil we use for stir fries and high heat cooking. We recommend using it to pop popcorn, too!

Flavor Notes: A neutral-flavored oil that provides a fresh, crispness welcome in salads with a tangy, brassica finish.

In 2006, Susquehanna Mills was born when Josh Leidhecker became interested in cost-effective bio-diesel for his construction business vehicles. Since then, Susquenhanna Mills has evolved from a supplier of bio-diesel to a manufacturer of quality Canola, Sunflower, and Hemp cooking oils whose top priority is sustainability. To that end, they practice full circle manufacturing: when delivering fresh oil, they pickup waste oil from their restaurants and universities to power their vehicles and the vehicles of their farms.