Canning Peach Box
Canning Peach Box
Canning Peach Box

Canning Peach Box

Spring Valley Farm & Orchard

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Field Update: This 25 lb box will only be offered for ONE WEEK, from August 26th - August 30th! These are Freestone (cling free) peach varieties! Perfect for canning and preserving. - Aug 19

We've very excited to deliver TWENTY FIVE PUNDS of peaches (roughly 50 peaches) , grown by Spring Valley Farm + Orchard. Preserve the taste of this summer in jam, preserves, and jellies! We love making peach chutney now to add to cheese boards in the winter.

Peach season usually runs from late June to mid-September. Earlier season peaches are cling varieties. Later season varieties are cling-free, which means the pit comes out cleanly from the peach and are excellent for canning + preserving! We are in Cling-free season! You will have plenty of peaches to make all sorts of canned goods that make the best jams as well as toppings for cake and yogurt. Plus, they make great presents and holiday gifts!

Store: peaches may not be ripe upon receipt. Store them spaced apart on your counter until they have reached your desired ripeness! For faster ripening, put them in a warmer spot, even outside air temperature, but out of direct sunlight! Warmer temperature = faster ripening!

Once the peaches are ripe, store in the fridge and use within a few days. Wash JUST before eating, or preserving!

Spring Valley has been at farmers markets with us since day 1 of starting our business - we've known Eli Cook + his dedicated crew for almost a decade now! Located just outside of Romeny, West Virginia, they're just over 2 hours from Washington DC. The Cook family is committed to growing, picking and selling high quality, fresh fruits + vegetables. Spring Valley has grown their business at both farmers markets in the DC-area and at their farm stands in Virginia and West Virginia.