Grass-Fed Camembert Fiddle Creek Dairy

Grass-Fed Camembert

Fiddle Creek Dairy

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This Grass-Fed Camembert is a superb French-style cheese made even better with Fiddle Creek Dairy’s milk. Camembert is similar to Brie, though it features a stronger flavor and a slightly more dense (but still runny) texture. It’s a soft, spreadable cheese that goes well on crackers or toast, or sliced into wedges to pair with apples, stone fruit, and berries. Be sure to eat the rind to get all the funky, earthy notes this cheese has to offer.

Contents: 6-ounce round of cheese


Producer: Fiddle Creek Dairy

Location: Quarryville, Pennsylvania 

Fiddle Creek Dairy is a family farm in Lancaster County. They use silvopasture, a relatively new term for an old practice of intentionally combining grazing animals, forage plants and trees. In doing so they are drawing upon wisdom from the roots of their own ancestry (small Mennonite and Amish family farms) and tapping into the wisdom from Indigenous cultures they’ve connected with (Kikuyu, Luo and Massai from Kenya, Lakota, and Haudenosaunee) to find a balanced way of living that is in harmony with life’s systems. You can read more about Fiddle Creek Dairy on our blog.