Blueberries - TUES

Blueberries - TUES

Agriberry Farm

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Field Update: Agriberry specializes in growing blackberries + strawberries! Their blueberry plants start up later in the summer, until then they partner with blueberry farms in NC and NJ to get blueberries. -June 20

HAPPY SUMMER! Enjoy four pints of blueberriesYour berries will come in plastic clamshells in a brown bag! Agriberry's blueberries aren't quite ready - until then, these blueberries are grown by Ivanhoe Farms in NC or Macrie's Farm in NJ. 

Wash berries just before using - but don't soak them! We recommend eating berries within a few days.

Too many berries to eat at once? Freeze some. Or, make a quick jam. You can even puree them in a container that go in the freezer - use in future smoothies!

Agriberry Farm is located in Moseley, VA just outside of Richmond. The Geyser family has been growing berries for 37 years in the area - berries are their speciality and they're quite skilled at growing them! We first met Colleen and her mom Anne at the JFX Baltimore Farmers Market! We love buying a box of their berries every-time we see them at the market. Read about their growing practices here.